Rough Draft for Potluck Dish

Jeanne Donohue Rough Draft Potluck Project   Due: 11/26/18

Generating a spark of enthusiasm in writing students using the theoretical framework of Murray as a starting place. (And Selfe as a reference).

In class emphasis on pre-writing. Colored markers or pens should be scattered and chosen by student. Seating options other than desks. Pick a different environment. The floor. The hall. The lounge. Outside. The point is to stimulate the senses.


  • Collect a folder of images that resonate for you. Each student should have 8-10 pieces in their folder. They can include clips from magazines, photos, artwork, both figurative and abstract. Small pieces of text can be included. Some days random images will be passed out.
  • Structured freewriting every class. Pick a lens through which to look at individual images. For example: identify mood, sensuous components, color, lines and shapes, auditory components, texture, movement, framing, story. Where does the image begin and end? Who is the viewer. Does the person in the image know they are there?
  • Describe in detail the entirety of the image to someone that cannot see it or the auditory vibrations to someone who cannot hear. Experiment with going from broadest detail to smallest (In the US, In NY, In the city, Midtown, in a building on the top floor, etc) and then reverse the sequence. Start from smallest most intimate detail and work outward.
  • Generate details through dialogue. Write about one of your images through whatever the free write prompt is. Exchange images with your partner and do the same free write prompt only with their image.
  • Find a song that fits with one of your images.
  • Create a soundscape with three layers. Share with an audience of at least three people. Pass out colored markers or pens and collect written feedback.



  • Pick at least three of your images and connect them in a cohesive way. The possibilities are endless. The form is open, and to be determined by the individual. Suggestions can be made if the student is interested in feedback.



  • Each draft will be met with peer review. Class time will be allotted for three in class peer reviews. Class time will be devoted to how feedback is given. In addition, office hours are available and suggested for teacher review. All final drafts will be handed in for grading at the end of the semester.


“Excludes the recursive shaping of thought by language.”p.378

The importance of repeating words in order to digest them


Started thinking about contribution to Christina’s Dish:

What is communicated in the in-between words of informal speech? The umms, and uuhs

Similar to the nonmanual markers of ASL?

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