Concluding English 5020

I had no idea what to expect from the writing studies program or this class. I entered into the semester hoping that this program would help me create a bridge between my prior work experience in theater and the creative arts and my potential future work possibilities. I was not sure what that meant but was open to the search. I didn’t expect to find so much so fast. I am pleased to be in a program where writing is the practice and the topic of discussion. It is exciting, demanding and inspiring.

English 5020, Theory & Practice was a creative surprise all the way through. Who would have guessed with a title like that?! I loved the theoretical content and found each of the reading assignments very interesting. I liked organizing material from the readings into presentations and also enjoyed hearing the presentations of other students. It was really nice that the class was small and we got to know one another. I liked being able to listen to the voice of each student express two different bodies of work.

It is hard to isolate one element of this class which was most effective. I think it was a perfect combination of the entire format that seemed to ignite all regions of my brain and creativity. Dr. Zamora provided a thoughtful balance of structure and room for creativity. Each student had the space to find their area of interest. I was deeply engaged in theorists that interested me and different pathways that they led to. I was equally captivated by things that other students found interesting. It had a workshop feel where ideas were exchanged.  That was a unique opportunity. I feel I thrived in this environment and my work evolved accordingly. I have to confess, I even liked the collaboration of the final group project.

I appreciated having that educational landscape of Equity Unbound to dip into both in class and on my own time to find educators to connect with and new perspectives to read. I began the semester resistant to the idea of “connected learning,” Twitter, and the whole online blogging component. This class has stretched my comfort zone and made me feel more comfortable delving into this area with small steps. I must admit that I now love the weekly blog and am grateful to have it as a collection of reflections, synthesis, and rough ideas to get back to. Through this practice, I have found certain theorists that I gravitate toward and would like to revisit. I would like to keep blogging as a regular practice.

The most exciting take away for me was finding that several theorists that we read this semester provide a foundation for interests I have discovered in my current work. Including, Murray, Sommers and Selfe. I have some vague ideas about how I would like to proceed with some inquiries and investigation moving toward a thesis. It feels like the perfect segue for Methods and Research class.

And my favorite quote of the semester: “Always moving toward the recursive shaping of thought through writing…” by Nancy Sommers.


Thank you, Dr. Zamora for a wonderful beginning of Grad School!

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